Automation of mills

Permanent central monitoring of all processes

1 Acceptance/Delivery

  • Batch-managed acceptance of raw materials with the CellaTrace production control system.
  • Acceptance and storage using system-integrated calibrated scales.
  • Automatically created discharge certificates.
  • Receipt and storage of goods using bar code labelling.
  • Inventory posting with bar code scanner.

2 Analysis

  • Integration of laboratory analyses in the CellaTrace production control system.
  • Standardised laboratory data interfaces.
  • Automatic dispatch of analyses also by e-mail.

3 Cleaning/Process control

  • Control and visualisation of the processing plant via CellaControl.
  • Continuous control solution with SIEMENS totally integrated automation (TIA).
  • Cleaning steps.
  • Level and material flow monitoring.
  • Backtracking from loading to acceptance of grains.

4 Grinding process

  • Recipe-managed grinding and mixing processes.
  • Roller mills with temperature control of bearings.
  • Continuous admixture of product components.
  • Integrated peak load shut-off.

5 Loading

  • Transfer of shipping orders via the customer’s ERP system.
  • 24-hour access to the loading station (even without staff on site).
  • Access control via RFID transponder chip and fully integrated video surveillance.
  • Screen navigation to the specified loading bays.
  • Automatic vehicle number plate recognition for the issue of delivery notes.
  • Creation of a digital signature on the delivery note.

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